5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications

5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications

5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications
5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications

Playing a musical instrument such as a piano is not as easy as imagined, especially if you want to learn to be certain it must be private first and at least you incur costs. Besides that, if you want to buy a piano, of course the price is not cheap anymore. This is 5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications.

5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications

The best solution that you can use right now is playing music through an android phone, this time you don’t use a piano instrument to sing it. But using the best piano application to be downloaded first on the Google Play Store, well for those of you who are curious to know the application recommendations. Let’s just see more below:

  • A73 Piano Station

The first, the best piano application is A73 Piano Station (Windows). Offers convenience for piano players as well as complete buttons like a real piano. Interestingly, additional features are provided such as bass settings, audio sound and so on.

You here as a player do not need to use the services of a private music teacher, because the items in the A73 Piano Station application can already be understood easily. For use on a PC you must use Windows Vista, Windows 7 through 10 and XP.

5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications on OS
5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications on OS
  • DigiPiano (Windows)

The next most popular piano application that you must try like DigiPiano (Windows). Actually this one application is still in the process of refinement. But if you make it just practice this application is able to make you an expert at it.

In addition, if you are interested in wanting to have it for the current version for free, the advantages for the arrangement can make it easier for you to process the tone at will. So, what are you waiting for, download it now.

  • Free Piano (Windows)

One free piano learning application, which can be played when at home. The unique thing about this application is how to play it through the keyboard and laptop keyboards, even if you are a beginner player. You will be calm in the right direction.

In addition, you can not only play the piano with the keys alone. but you can record the results of the chanting. for saved recording files can be exported into MP4 format. So later you can listen to it to be played on Android.

  • Jarre (Linux, Windows)

Unlike the other piano applications, because the Jarre application offers playing music as if you also play games. Very interesting this application you choose for learning needs. in addition to the easy-to-understand mode features buttons in this application according to the original.

If you’ve tried Jarre application (Linux, Windows) will definitely be addictive. The reason this application is like a guitar hero game. Well than curious you should have it now.

  • PianoCheetah (Windows)

Like the name of this application which offers piano playing as well as drumming. This application is unique, but you don’t need to be confused because the buttons are available like a real piano. The point is you are here to learn while demonstrating the movement of pressing the button.

Now, that was about the 5 Best and Lightweight Piano Applications on Android Phones. Hopefully this information is useful and good luck trying until you can.