Epic Games Expands Market By Acquiring ArtStation

Epic Games Expands Market By Acquiring ArtStation

A surprising piece of news came from the most popular game developer in the world of Fortnite, Epic Games, where they expanded their market by acquiring ArtStation. ArtStation itself is one of the largest online art communities today and they are officially part of the Epic Games family.

From being a working partner to becoming an ArtStation owner

As quoted from the official Epic Games website, where they have officially got ArtStation with a nominal amount that is not mentioned in detail. After officially getting ArtStation, Epic Games immediately made two changes, among others

ArtStation Markeplace, where platform standard holder fees are lowered to 12% (the same amount that Epic Games takes from third-party developers). Next is ArtStation Learning, with this policy subscribers will get a free access to video streaming services throughout the year.

Although policies have changed little, however, the experience of using ArtStation will not change significantly after the acquisition. ArtStation says that it is still a platform independent on its own, and that it is fully supported by Epic Games resources.

“Creators can still use ArtStation as it was used before. In addition, ArtStation will continue to be open to all creators, both 2D and 3D, including those who don’t use the Unreal Engine, ”said ArtStation’s party.

A few days after the exhibition ended, NFT started to stir up an online art community, this made an opportunity for ArtStation to take advantage of this by announcing the launch of their own NFT platform. This resulted in a lot of reactions on social media at that time.

Seeing the many reactions, ArtStation canceled the launch and said it was “not the right time”. It is still unknown after this acquisition whether Epic Games will continue the launch of the NFT or cancel it altogether.