5 Bad Habits Can Make Your Stomach Bloated

5 Bad Habits Can Make Your Stomach Bloated

Being overweight can be caused by many things, one of which is due to food intake. 5 Bad Habits Can Make Your Stomach Bloated.

To lose weight, most people only focus on applying healthy foods and diets. In fact, gaining weight is not the sole result of a diet failure.

Try to pay attention to your daily lifestyle, what you do now shows that your life is better and healthier. If the answer is no, it may be due to one reason: weight gain.

5 Bad Habits Can Make Your Stomach Bloated

As quoted from “fit sugar”, the researchers scientifically proven that a bad lifestyle causes weight problems. And here are five bad habits that make you overweight.

1. Rarely Workout

2. Sleep Deprivation

3. Less Drinking

4. Watch TV often

5. Alcoholic Beverages

This is one of the important habits that can prevent your weight gain, in fact, researchers from Harvard found that during the study, participants who exercised proved to be able to reduce their body weight by about 1 kg in a few weeks.

Getting enough sleep is one way to keep your body lean. a person will have weight problems when he is sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is related to appetite, when sleeping too long makes you less interested in getting exercise.

Research says there is a link between increased water intake and increased weight loss. A person who goes on a diet to drink eight glasses twice a day before mealtime, is believed to make his weight down about 3 kg.

One predictable lifestyle is about how much time they spend watching television on a chair or bed. Research reveals, watching too much TV causes weight to increase by about 1/2 kg.

In a study at Harvard revealed, habit of consuming alcoholic beverages apparently can increase the weight of about 1/4 kg. Alcoholic drinks are a source of calories that can ruin your diet.