Tips for Relieving Breath and Shortness of Breath for children

Tips for Relieving Breath and Shortness of Breath for children

Hearing the sound of bad breath on children often makes parents feel worried. Usually the sound of this breath will be more clearly heard when children is sleeping. Is this dangerous and can make it short of breath? Then how to overcome it? This is Tips for Relieving Breath and Shortness of Breath for children.

Generally, the breath sounds in children is caused by the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract. This condition is indeed common, especially in newborns, because the respiratory tract is not fully developed. But as he gets older, the complaint will disappear by itself.

Type of breath sounds in your baby

In children, there are several types of breath sounds that parents can recognize from the sounds made, namely:

  • Whistle sound

The sound of breath like this is caused by a mild blockage in the Little respiratory tract or due to narrowing of the airways.

  • Shrill and high-pitched voice

Shrill breath sounds can occur due to constriction in the upper respiratory tract, especially in infants and young children. This condition will usually disappear by itself as a child ages. But be careful, the high-pitched breath can also indicate an asthma attack.

  • Hoarseness when coughing and crying

This breath sounds due to irritation, inflammation, or blockage of mucus in the voice box (larynx) in the throat.

Tips for Relieving Breath and Shortness of Breath for children

If your child experiences breathing sounds and shortness of breath, you must remain calm and not panic. Before taking him to the doctor, do the following initial treatment to help relieve his breathing:

1. Guide your child to breathe with his mouth
When your baby is big enough, you can ask him to breathe through his mouth. If necessary, give an example. This breathing technique can ease the shortness of breath experienced by the Little One, as well as helping him to breathe deeper and more effectively.

2. Position Your Child sitting with a slight bend
This position can help your child breathe more easily, while also making his body more relaxed.

3. Loosen clothes
Loosen your baby’s clothes by unbuttoning his shirt, especially on the neck and chest. If necessary, replace with clothes that are more loose. In addition, it is important to keep your child from cigarette smoke so that the tightness does not get worse.

If Tips for Relieving Breath and Shortness of Breath for children not working. Breathing sounds and shortness of breath in your child should not be considered trivial. Mothers need to know the causes and symptoms to recognize dangerous conditions. If your child is experiencing shortness of breath, do the initial handling steps above and consult a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.